Han Steelo

26.Visual Artist. Miami,Fl.

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Goodbyes are hard to say, thats why I never say them.
I know you herd me when I whispered, “I’ll see you later” in your ear.
I know I’ll see you again someday, somewhere.
I miss you. So much.
I lost you in this world but I’m
glad you found yourself in another.
No more suffering, you’re no longer lost.
I’ll be waiting for your visits.
I’ll make sure you live on in me, because I am, and always will be a part of you.
I love you. So much.
Tears flow heavy but I smile knowing you’re with gramps and all the people you had to see pass.
My Grandma, Gramadukes, Mi Abuelita Linda.
I know you’re in heaven living it up with your high heels, and a drink in your hand.
May you rest in peace.. I love you, and “I ‘ll see you later”…

It finally happened after so long..I’ve fallen deep in Love.

 Niykee Heaton  -Lil wayne /2 chainz “Rich as Fuck” cover.

Shitload of people, good music, and I got to fuck up an Urban Outfitters. Police even decided to stop by and make a visit. My work will be on display for the next month, so if you’re by Lincoln rd mall, swing by and check it out! Big ups to the staff at Urban Outfitters, Block By Block Ink and Stuck Sticker Show.

Stoked to be a part of this. Gonna be a good time with great people. #miamiartists #Dems #Camel #Dar #Skully #Hansteelo #urbanoutffiters #arttakeover

Lauryn Hill - Everything is Everything

"Iverson Cross-ova / Cheese doodles, grape soda."

- Big Pun

Dj Honda ft. Mos Def - Travellin’ Man

First time doing a portrait using only spray paint.
For one of the greats.
”Biggie Smalls”
May 21, 1972 - March 9, 1997
Han Steelo ”14

Incubus -Anna Molly